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We have revolutionized the braiding technology in order to enable an automated and consistent high quality production of hollow fiber composite components. 

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) weighs up to 80% less than steel and up to 70% less than aluminum.

Thanks to our innovations in automated fiber deposition, we can guarantee not only absolute reproducibility for any component, but we can also offer you cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional techniques such as prepreg.


Braiding technology of Munich Composites brings back production of CFRP components to countries with higher wages.

Munich Composites produces hollow components like field hockey sticks made from composites with its braiding technology in Germany.

Munich Composites and MAN win the JEC Award 2015
The engineers of MAN and Munich Composites have won the JEC Award 2015 for light carbon-fibre spring carriers.
Munich Composites wins Price for Innovation of Bavaria 2014

Great honor for young composite company: Munich Composites is credited for its production technology for hollow carbon fiber components.